Azania Mosaka on her pilot lessons

- Article by Phathu Luvhengo, Destiny Connect (May 28, 2018)

Azania Mosaka

Businesswoman, radio and TV personality Azania Mosaka chats to us about her recent decision to take pilot lessons and her experience since starting this journey.

“I had the ambition to do so many years ago. When I was a kid, we went to the airport. There was a relative who was flying out and that’s where my interest in flying took hold,” she says. At the time when OR Tambo was called Jan Smuts International Airport, there was a viewing deck where you could watch planes taking off and landing.

“I remember looking at this plane. You know, when you look at the plane from the front side of it, you could see the cockpit.

“That’s really where it started. I just thought: ‘Wow, can you imagine this thing and what it does in the sky and being able to control it and transport all these people?’,” she says.

When Mosaka was young, she was curious about how the plane was operated. She developed a keen interest in flight and dreamed of becoming a pilot.

While finishing school, she enquired about South African Airways cadet training, but the application process overwhelmed her and she didn’t have the support to pursue it.

“It was quite stringent and part of the course was in Australia. So, I think the process overwhelmed me at the time.”

Recently, on her radio show, she had a conversation with her listeners about things that they would have been doing if life had not worked out differently.

When she shared her story about her ambition to fly, a flight instructor sent her an email and told her that he was touched by her story and invited her to attend aviation school.

She says her first experience was incredible. “It was so peaceful out there. When I asked the instructor if it was like driving, he said aviation was the opposite of it. They do multiple safety checks. With this mode of transport, you have to literally check everything,” she says.

She explains that she will aim for her private pilot licence first, which requires about 45-50 hours of flight time.

“I’m really excited and overwhelmed by how peaceful it felt out there in the sky. The instructor let me take off – it was an incredible rush!” she gushes.

- Article by Phathu Luvhengo, Destiny Connect (May 28, 2018)